Girl on Kicks x JUKSEREI

Over a period of nine months, JUKSEREI has worked with Girl on Kicks to create her ultimate GOLDEN GIRLS Collection – a selection of limited pieces. Girl on Kicks is known around the world for her passion for sneakers and streetwear.

Girl on Kicks x JUKSEREI
Girl on Kicks x JUKSEREI


How did the collaboration with JUKSEREI come about?

GIRL ON KICKS The first time I got in contact with JUKSEREI was when Julie emailed me to ask if they could gift me one of their Croissant necklaces. We had contact on a regular basis when new collections dropped and I loved their items right away. On top of that, I loved the vibe I got from the emails, so when I was in Berlin I emailed them to see if we could meetup in real life. I’m in Berlin quite often, so I would meet up for coffee, jewelry talk and croissants every time I was in town. At one point I thought: It would be so nice to create something together! So I carefully asked if they would be up for this. And the rest is history–because here we are–dropping this awesome collection we created together!

How was the process of creating your pieces together with JUKSEREI?

GIRL ON KICKS Super easy going actually. I mean, creating a collection is not easy at all! But how we agreed on everything and the way we brought my mood board and concept to life together, was super smooth. First, we got together for a big brainstorm and design-day after I sent over the mood board and concept. There we came up with the pieces we wanted to do. After that, the lovely gals at JUKSEREI started working on the samples and shared all the updates with me. Then when the final samples came in they sent them over to me in Amsterdam, so I could check them in real life, see the sizes and try them on.

What inspired your collection?

GIRL ON KICKS I’m mostly known for my sneakers of course but I get just as much questions about my jewelry nowadays. I love layering jewelry for a more chunky/edgy look. I love gold and I love mixing different textures. So if you look at this collection you see those things clearly: With the use of different chains and a playful asymmetrical look. Concept wise there are two things that really inspired me for this collection:

1. I wanted to link back to the Golden Girls which is an iconic series from back in the eighties. The way we wear our jewelry nowadays – rope necklaces, signet rings etc – are all jewelry that our grandmas used to wear back in the days! 2. I wanted to highlight the fact that we girls are GOLDEN! Yes I’m (not so) secretly a feminist. Working in a male dominated field with Girl on Kicks made me really want to support and help other girls and show that we are good at what we do and we don’t have to compromise in order to reach our goals or chase our dreams.

What are your favorite pieces of the collection?

GIRL ON KICKS That is like asking who is your favorite child! I love all of them. I love the MESH SIGNET Ring because it’s a little more chunky and the shape is so pretty. The 2 CHAIN Necklace I’m obsessed with cause of the different ways you can wear it: as a longer necklace or you can remove the shorter chain to use on your shoelace! And when using it as a shoe-accessory you can still wear the necklace but then as a shorter style. The WHOLE LOTTA CHAIN Single Earring is such an amazing statement piece! You can wear it chic for a dinner date with you hair up. But also when you just want to feel powerful on a daily base, cause I feel that's what this earring does to you. When the light hits the different chains its magical, haha! Then the GOLDEN MESH Earrings are the perfect everyday pair of earrings. They’re both different so it gives you that playful asymmetrical look. I also love layering them together in one ear if you have more piercings.

Who would you like to see wearing your pieces?

GIRL ON KICKS All the women who identify with my style and the message of this collection. Also just every woman in general! Strong women who aren’t afraid of a little statement jewelry piece.