ANNE recommends:
"I love Fjord's coffee and I'm amazed by the superb presentation of their product packed in a small and well done and designed box. Indeed what I would call a premium coffee in every way you could think about."

  • Flavor notes of milk chocolate, pear, citrus
  • High-quality beans
  • Coffee comes as whole beans
  • Roasted in Berlin

This experimental lot was produced by Roberto at Divina Providencia in El Salvador. The idea behind it was that the variety Sarchimor is usually not the most complex coffee, but it is Roya resistant (Roya is 'leaf rust', and has decimated a lot of coffee production in Central and South America) and Fjord Coffee thought that if processing can have such a drastic effect on the flavor profile of other coffees then why not with Sarchimor!

Fjord Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery in Berlin. It is the perfect quality coffee if you wanna treat yourself with a little extra something at home or at your workplace as it can easily fulfill all sorts of coffee needs. Delivering fresh coffee directly to customers through subscriptions is a fresh take on the usual coffee routine at offices. The flexibility it offers is genius, and it introduces you to different tastes making sure it never gets boring to start your day right ☕.