Say Hello to Kostas

September, 2017

Kostas' curiosity about the relation between design and humans has
guided him to the most interesting places. Half Dutch, half Cretan and
with a degree in product design in the Netherlands, Kostas developed a
passion for form, cultures, societies and a love for nature. His curiosity
brought him to Berlin and that's where we got to know him.

Kostas has a heart of gold and expresses himself with the warmth and
flair of his Southern European roots. So when we asked him if he'd be
interested in being part of FRIENDS OF JUKSEREI he immediately said
yes and gladly struck a pose in front of our camera. 


1. What is a memorable moment in your life?

Living and working as a designer in India. There I had the opportunity to discover the value
of hand crafted items and explore the idea of function and aesthetics in a completely new and radical way.




2. When do you feel most beautiful?

In the summer! When I can wear as little as possible and the warm weather conditions don't
limit me. I love wearing light clothes, the feeling of the wind and sun on my skin. I also feel
the most beautiful when I'm happy.


3. Any recent cultural discoveries that you can specify?

I am exploring the beauty in nude photography nowadays. In addition, the idea of
abandoned buildings is something that always intrigued me. As for literature, I am reading
"We Never Make Mistakes" by Solzhenitsyn. A book that tells fascinating human stories and
situations in USSR during World War II.



4. Why are these Jukserei pieces your favourite?

The pieces I'm wearing are minimal and lightweight, and add subtle fine details to my outfit.  



Thank you Kostas for the first male contribution to FRIENDS OF JUKSEREI and for showing
that jewelry appeals to everyone no matter their age or culture! You can find
Kostas' personal website here.