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Say Hello to Catrine

October 2017

Catrine grew up together with Anne from Jukserei in a small town in the
South of Jylland in Denmark. Now she lives in Copenhagen where she
works as a nurse at Rigshospitalet, one of the largest and highly
specialised hospitals in Copenhagen.

Catrine is without a doubt the most caring person we know. She is so
kind that any of us wouldn’t mind breaking a leg, if we just knew we
had the chance to get Catrine as our caring nurse. She visited Anne
recently in Berlin, the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures!


1. What is a memorable moment in your life?

When my boyfriend and I went to the Danish island Bornholm this summer. First, we went to
our friends' beautiful wedding, and then we spent four days exploring the island by bike. It
felt like being in Southern Europe with pretty sunsets, white beaches and bright, yellow
flower fields. 


2. When do you feel most beautiful?

That would probably be during summer, waking up in the morning after a lovely day in the
sun. Then my face has a little bit of glow and color from the sun's rays.


3. What is your favourite Jukserei piece

That is definitely the Petite Bracelet because it is so meticulous in a very feminine way.
I often use it in combination with other bracelets for example the Box Bracelet. But I also
think it is very nice by itself.



4. Any recent cultural discoveries you can specify?

I recently went to Stockholm where I visited the Fotografiska Museum. There I fell in love
with an exhibition in memory of the photographer Lennart Nilsson. He is known for
his experiments with electron microscopes and for his photographs enlarged several
hundred thousand times.

Fotografiska displayed a small part of his work A Child is Born.
I am both captivated by his scientific fascination, which is clearly shown through his
enlargement of the photographs, and the many fantastic colors he manages to bring to life. 

5. Where do you find peace of mind?

When I take care of my precious Chinese Money plant at home. It’s such an interesting
plant, not just in looks but also of the story behind it! It used to come to Europe through a
Norwegian missionary that brought the plant from China to Norway in the 40’s. He traveled a
lot throughout Norway and often gave basal shoots of the plant to his friends. In this way
this plant was effectively distributed around Norway and beyond. Fascinating right?

I try to keep the tradition alive and gift basal shoots of my humongous Money plant to
friends whenever I visit them. Now most of my friends have their own little money plant at
home, like Anne from Juskerei.



Thank you Catrine for your contribution to FRIENDS OF JUKSEREI and for showing us
that jewelry appeals to everyone! Read our other interviews here.






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