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Say Hello to Lise 

July, 2018

We met our friend Lise for a morning coffee in her cosy
apartment in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. She is an actress and
graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in
2010. Since then she has been performing at the stages of the
Royal Danish Theater and Mungo Park among others.

Lise is grateful that her job gives her the opportunity to speak up
and to broaden the horizons of the audience! Luckily she is an
interesting storyteller, always mesmerising her audience and as
well as her friends with her stories.



1. When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful, when I'm with my friends! 


2. What is your favourite Jukserei piece and why?

My favorite Jukserei piece, is the Pollen Twist Earring, which I wear as a nose ring.
I have it on everyday.




3. Any recent cultural discoveries that you can recommend?

About four months ago I saw the movie 'Call Me by Your Name' in the cinema
and I went straight out and bought the book, and ordered the soundtrack on
vinyl. The day after I went to see it again. I still think about, and refer to it in
conversations. There's a scene in the end between a boy and his father,
which says it all. Go see!




5. How does your profession appeal to you?

What appeals to me about my job is that I get the opportunity to communicate
with people, and move them in different ways. I like that I get to meet them,
where they are, by giving them an experience, and hopefully letting them feel
met and understood. But also to push them and broaden their horizon, and
making them see things in a different light.
At the moment I'm rehearsing a theatre monologue, that I recently played in Danish,
and now I'm learning it in English (Landet Uden Drømme). The work with this
monologue has
been very interesting, and challenging - I feel we want to say
something with this work,
and I'm grateful to have that opportunity,
to speak up, with what I do for a living.



Thank you Lise for your contribution to FRIENDS OF JUKSEREI and for showing us
that jewelry appeals to everyone!  Read our other interviews here

If you wanna see Lise in action, she’ll be touring Denmark in September and

October with a monologue she already performed earlier this year. She does the
performance in English too. Who knows? Maybe a World Tour is next? This
fall/winter she will be part of the cast in ‘Dancer in the dark’ at Aarhus Teater






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