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Say Hello to Sidsel

September, 2017

Sidsel (pronounced 'Sissel' in Danish) is a good friend of Jukserei.
She used to live in Berlin, but is now back in Copenhagen. So
whenever our roots call us home to Denmark, paying her a visit is

Sidsel has studied visual culture and is currently working as a
project manager within the realms of culture, art and
communication. She's a creative mind and we love her elegant,
understated style. We met her for a coffee at her home in Nørrebro.


1. What are we having for breakfast this morning?

Overnight oats with almonds and homemade apple butter on top. Yum. 


2. What is a memorable moment for you?

Seeing Solange playing live at Roskilde Festival - that was amazing! 


3. Any recent cultural discoveries you can specify?

This summer I went to Belgrade to visit a friend of mine. We went to Museum Macura – a
private art collection exhibited in a big square house outside the city in beautiful
surroundings right next to the Danube. It's only open during summer and you need to call in
advance to visit. I can really recommend going there!


4. When do you feel most beautiful?

When I am wearing lipstick and pretty earrings.




5. Why are these your favourite Jukserei pieces?

I really like the STOK Earring. But actually all of the JUKSEREI pieces are pretty! I like to mix
and match them with my other jewelry.




Thank you Sidsel for your contribution to FRIENDS OF JUKSEREI and for showing us
that jewelry appeals to every woman! Read our other interviews here.






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