Office & HR-Manager

Don’t mess with this radiant soul! Growing up with 3 older brothers, Janina knows what she wants in life, doesn’t take anything for granted and loves her big warm-hearted family above all. She has a huge ­passion for Italian food and ­always has suggestions for good wine on hand. No surprise, since she’s coming from ­Margraves’ Land, also called the “Tuscany of Germany”.When she joined JUKSEREI, she instantly shared her focus and determination with the team and mesmerised us with her big, round, Nutella eyes. When she’s not organising, prioritising, aligning numbers or setting up contracts, she is taking care of all our requests to make sure we all continue enjoying going to work every day. So, if we say:” Focus, confidence, caring, golden chunky hoops and red lipstick” You say: “JANINA!”.

What are you listening to?

90's: Starts with old school hip hop (Wutang Clan, Dr. Dre, Nas, Snoop Dog) followed by the Backstreet Boys (never ever N’ Sync) and ends with 90's Dance (Scatman John, Snap!, Haddaway)
While riding your bike: Safety first ;-)
Red Wine: Bon Iver, Nils Frahm, Angus & Julia Stone
For Dancing: TANZEN
Guilty Pleasure: Deutschrapppppppp (new generation)

Something special on your wish list?

I would be very happy if I could fulfill myself a little dream at my 40th Birthday: to buy a Vintage 1er Golf Cabriolet OR Suzuki Jimni. And because it’s too hard to make a decision, both!

Best concert experience?

Back in September 2017 I went to see Moderat, when they played their very last tour concert at Wuhlheide (Berlin) before they took a break. It was the best concert experience I've had so far. The band was so overwhelmed by all the people standing in the stands, listening and dancing to their music. They were telling the crowd that they began their music here in Berlin years ago and dreamed about playing in the Wuhlheide some day... then their dream came true just a few years later. I think this moment was as magical for them and as it was for the audience.

Most worn JUKSEREI piece?

BIRTHSTONE Ring (April), ICON Hoops Big, ROPE Bracelet.