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Jukserei Team

Meet the young and ambitious team behind the Jukserei label. 
Sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

Founder & Designer

Chanette has built up the Jukserei label to what it is now. From founding the
label as a hobby next to her full-time job in 2012, to hiring Anne as her first
employee and settling at the Choriner Studio in Berlin. It was her wish since
childhood to create a jewelry label with simple, affordable and nickel free pieces
and to grow organically with the right clients and partners.

Chanette has made the transformation from founder, to wife, to mother in the last
year and if that's not enough she fills her time between the business and diapers
with baking the most delicious cakes and pastries. She's the queen of hygge and
if there were 48 hours in a day, we bet she would start a papeterie business.
Oh, and did we mention she has a weak spot for everything christmas?


Coffee or tea?

Hocus pocus, I need coffee to focus.


When are you ultimately relaxed?

 When I can spend Christmas at home in Denmark with my family. It's so nice to
relive my childhood during that period, keep the cosy traditions alive and show
them to my new little family. I love to make Danish christmas cookies and
cakes like æbleskiver and watch Disney's Christmas Show. My husband and I also
love to get away to a small cottage in the middle of nowhere with a fireplace and
watch the snow fall outside while curling up on the couch with a blanket and
board games. Exactly like we did on our honeymoon. 


Can you share a local recommendation?

I can really recommend Gobento in Prenzlauerberg where I live in Berlin. It's a tiny
Japanese place where they serve Japanese Bento boxes: a home-packed meal
typical in Japanese cuisine. Unlike the conventional restaurants, at Gobento you
can bring your own drinks, there is only one dish on the menu and it's reasonably
priced. It's creative, delicious and original. I'd recommend making a reservation
because it is a small place that fills up fast!


Most worn Jukserei piece?

That's a tough question since I only make pieces I love to wear! Right now my go
to piece is our Solar Ear Studs. With a one year old baby I don't always have much
time to get ready.  The Solar Ear Studs are something I can just put on and feel
like I am a little dressed up even though I am not wearing fancy clothes or makeup.  




Managing Director & Designer

Anne joined Jukserei as the very first employee. Together with Chanette
she transformed Jukserei from a small living room label to a well known jewelry
brand. Now Anne, who is also Danish, is manager of Jukserei. She makes sure
everything from the creative process, to design, logistics and customer service is
running smoothly; always keeping Jukserei's mission in mind to have quality as
the highest priority.

With her background in fashion, Anne has an eye for colors and textures and
continuously creates and shoots dazzling jewelry sets for Jukserei. She loves to
paint her apartment walls pink and most likely ends her day sewing silk
kimonos while sipping on red wine and listening to smooth jazz. You could say
that Anne is the guardian of our taste buds here at the office, making sure there's a
weekly delivery of quality coffee from Fjord, home baked, crispy croissants and
sourdough bread from Albatross Bakery and the occasional Friday beers.


What are you listening to
in the following categories:

While riding your bike"Tiny Dancer" - Elton John
Red wine: Cocktail swing jazz, 20s jazz, 30s jazz
In the Morning: "Dreams" - Fleetwood Mac


Which is the latest album you bought?

I bought my last two CDs at the same time three years ago. It was after a
jazz concert in a backroom, behind a red velvet carpet in a dark bar in Brooklyn,
NYC. The concert was amazing; French 20s - 40s music, played by cool, talented,
local musicians. The room was packed with nearly only women (and my
boyfriend) and I was caught up in the moment and by the surroundings. Therefore,
I had to support them and purchased both CDs. The band is called Les Chauds Lapins ;)


A local recommendation?

I moved to Neukölln two years ago. It is a Kiez that reminds me of the area I
was living in in Copenhagen for almost six years. I enjoy the open-minded, young
and multi-cultural spirit. It is very local and it makes me feel at home. If you are
into jazz and in Neukölln, check out Donau115. This tiny shoebox-sized jazz bar
hosts intimate jazz concerts and sets a perfect stage for nights filled with red wine
and smooth tunes. 


Most worn Jukserei piece?

I wear a lot of Jukserei jewelry every day ;)
Most worn are the classic Grumetta Rings.


Online Shop & Customer Service

 When your nickname is 'Rodeo' you're just meant to be a fierce lady! Meet the
Danish lady Sabrina who joined the Jukserei team to be in charge of
our online shop & customer service.

When she's not carefully packing your order or replying to your inquiries, you
might find Sabrina in the roller derby hall kicking ass in her Berlin Roller Derby
team as Ms. Rodeo. But her coolness factor doesn't stop there. She has founded
her own embroidery label in Berlin called Stitch and Poke where 'Poodle Pool'
and 'Mermaids who drink red wine' or 'beautiful women butts' are adorning t-
shirts and sweaters. And if that's not enough, 'Rodeo' is also known for her DJ
skills playing vinyls only with funk, soul and disco from the 70s, 80s and 90s. For
bookings, just contact her here if you dare ;)


Coffee or tea?

Both! With our awesome coffee machine at the Jukserei office I drink coffee
every day. Once it starts getting colder outside I drink a lot more tea,
especially GHL (ginger, honey, lemon). This summer I've been having a
serious crush on ice-latte, hehehe.


What are you listing to
in the following categories:

90's: Everything boyband, Aqua and Spice Girls, obviously.
Guilty Pleasure: Paroles, Paroles - Dalida & Alain Delon
A summer time: Spring Affair - Donna Summer
By bicycle: Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
10 years ago: Same as now, oldies :)
Red wine: Django Reinhardt 
Dance: Prince


Which shopping habits do you have?

I do some online shopping once in a while which includes clothing, shoes and
roller skating gear. I think it's mostly in sale seasons. But I don't shop that much,
so sometimes I can get the feeling that I don't have anything to wear (which
surely isn't true!) and then I'll go dig in second hand shops to find some
fun, 'new' things. Preferably vintage dresses with nice colors/prints in not too
synthetic materials.


Most worn Jukserei piece?

Tube Ring & 2 Pollen Ring in Silver.




Wholesale & Content Creation

Since Julie joined Jukserei, she has been doing wonders for our online shop
customers, giving them the A-list treatment. Now she's doing exactly that for our
national and international wholesale market in addition to being responsible for
Nordic marketing.

We soon discovered her love and skill for photography which also made her our
in-house photographer, creating visuals with flair and style for Jukserei and
creating content for the Friends of Jukserei. No wonder this Danish lady has got
an eye for composition: in her free time she wanders around the Berlin U-bahn
stations doing her own art project Lines_Under, a study of lines and colors of the
Berlin underground. 

What led you to Berlin? 

My ultimate favourite feeling is travelling and the freedom that comes with it. After
having studied a semester abroad in Lima my feet were itching to go somewhere
new when I returned to Copenhagen. I always knew I had to live in Berlin at some
point, and the timing was just right! I packed my suitcase with an initial plan to
stay 6 months and I'm still here 5 years later. The city keeps giving me this holiday
feeling with its endless opportunities to explore. I love that Berlin is close to
Denmark yet so different in every way. It's diverse, cheap and offers tons of
great parties, art & food <3


Favourite drink?


What was the very first CD you bought?

It was Yabba-Dabba-Dance! 3 in 1995. It had The Flintstones on the cover. I was
obsessed with I'm a Scatman by Scatman John and Diskofil on the Danish version, haha!


Most worn Jukserei piece?

Box Necklace

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