What started out as an addiction has transformed into a
mouth-watering collaboration between the tasty croissant and
Berlin based jewelry label, JUKSEREI.


This collaboration results in a small 5 piece collection: 2 necklaces and 2 brooches
made from 24 karat double gold plated sterling silver and one key ring, made of 24
karat gold plated brass.


Elements of the Croissant's crescent silhouette and delicious existence meets the
timeless, delicate and petite style of JUKSEREI.  Personal creations that pay a
tribute to the lucious puff pastry and can be worn for every occasion, giving this
sweet flaky roll the attention it deserves.


#thefutureiscroissant #powertothecroissant #juksereixcroissant

Get yourself the full Croissant collection here.


*Paris pictures shot by Elisa Schenke.


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