Marketing Manager

In Julia, JUKSEREI not only got another marvellous member of the team but also its very first real Berliner lady. Living here for more than 30 years now, with only some short stops in London and Boston in between, she’s definitely worthy of being called one of the few and very rare true Berliners of the city. Initially coming from a very different field–working for several tech-companies before–she is not only bringing a great sense for strategies to JUKSEREI but also a love for numbers, accuracy and loads of ambition for the development of the brand. In her free time she loves doing yoga while using her ShaktiMat, having long walks with her dog Rhea and she passionately listens to crime podcasts. She recently even started to learn Danish, meget fint!

Coffee or tea?

Green tea in the morning, sleep tea before bedtime and coffee throughout the day :)

Something special on your wish list?

I really, really, really, really, really would like to go to Burning Man festival someday – breathing in art. Experiencing the wild costumes, art installations and spontaneous musical performances would be a dream come true. I read a lot about it but I think it’s impossible to put that experience into words. So if anyone wants to sponsor me – hit me up!

What are you listening to?

10 years ago: Ben Klock and Beatsteaks
90’s: Spice Girls
While riding your bike: Sigur Rós
Summertime: Florence + the Machine
White Wine: Leonard Cohen or Paolo Conte
For Dancing: Ready to Go – Republica
Guilty Pleasure: Daft Punk

Most worn JUKSEREI piece?

SILO Ear Studs, in gold and silver.