Onlineshop & Customer Service

With a background in fashion and a hands-on mentality, Manuela perfectly handles our Onlineshop in style and attentively takes care of all customer matters (usually while listening to some groovy vintage Latin music or Jazz in our buzzing packing room). Luckily for us, she decided to move back from bella Italia–thanks to a great craving for German bread and pretzels–after living in Florence for 10 years. That’s probably also one of the reasons why she still has a huge fondness for languages, passionately mixes vocabulary on a daily basis and happily teaches German classes. Her heart also beats for everything creative: from aesthetically pleasing (interior) objects to drawing and photography, which has always played a big role in her life since she got hands on her first camera when she was 9 years old – ever since capturing pretty clouds, stunning still lifes, flowers or intriguing shadows (digitally and on film).

What do you love about working for JUKSEREI?

At JUKSEREI I love that energetic women driven vibe. There is an awareness and a human approach within the team that goes beyond the classic work environment, I really like and appreciate that. Working together in a small group of people makes everyone involved and engaged in the process and the non-hierarchic structure at JUKSEREI creates a pleasant atmosphere. Also the uniqueness of each team member is extra-inspiring!

What is your relationship with creativity and what does it mean to you?

Creativity is important to me and has always been a part of my life. Since I was a kid I have loved drawing, taking photos, or sewing stuff such as clothes or accessories etc. But I don’t see creativity only in being a painter, a designer or art director … I believe creativity can be found in all aspects of life. One can be creative in finding a solution to a problem, in creating a delicious dish out of an almost empty fridge, in interaction with very different people … I guess to me, thinking outside the box, is creativity.

How do you use jewelry as a part of your expression?

I never thought about expressing something when wearing jewelry. However, I like the idea that with a piece of jewelry you can in a way change your already existing wardrobe. You don’t need new clothes, you just add jewelry and somehow clothes can look different almost as if they were “new” ;)

Coffee or tea?

Both! Coffee always with milk. During the day I drink a lot of herbal tea (I love verbena). And I'm a big fan of classic German „Kaffee & Kuchen“ in the afternoon.

Which shopping habits do you have?

I tend to get inspired online, but at the end prefer to buy off-line. When I get something new I definitely love to wear it immediately! And by 'new' it doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be new ... often I spot something second-hand or it can also be a hand-me-down from friends or family. However–fun fact–more than clothes, I actually often buy jewelry. I like to buy a piece of jewelry as a gift or to remember a special moment in life. Almost all pieces of jewelry I own are linked to particular moments, places or beloved people.

Any good local tips for experiencing Berlin?

Being located in the heart of Berlin also means being close to museums and galleries. From time to time I like to go to the Berlinische Galerie in Kreuzberg (not far from our headquarters) where you can have a pit-stop in “Cafe Dix” next to the museum and afterwards get immersed in several exhibitions (current or permanent). To me going to a museum or gallery is alway a nice inspiring mental getaway. Afterwards you can walk from there to Bergmannkiez to have a drink at “Fermento”, an Italian wine bar or go have dinner at “Tibet House”, a Nepalese restaurant. Just to mention two places I like. The Kiez offers so many options … And if you are craving some good Italian food I would recommend “Da Pino” in Charlottenburg. They have all specialties like a real deli in Italy and the taste is just as good as cooked by “la mamma”.

Your favorite JUKSEREI jewelry and why?

Currently my favorite jewelry is the BONBON Hoops Big in silver. These shiny hoops are comfortable to wear and they go with almost everything from a simple hoodie to an elegant blazer. A fun or elegant add-on! Apart from that I like: ISLA Necklace, ALBA STONE Hoops, and obviously the Birthstone Ring. I can’t help it, I just like jewelry with a symbolic meaning.