Art Director

Originally from northern Germany, close to the border with Denmark, Marisa’s got the best of both worlds! With the sweetest laugh you will ever hear, and the most playful outfits, she’s here to bring JUKSEREI some (extra) creativity. You can feel her artsy vibe just by looking at her colorful hand painted shirts and tote bags or at her funky neon rings. Even after living in the UK, Copenhagen and now Berlin, her small town spirit is intact, and you can find her reading a book at a park or enjoying a warm day by the lake.

What led you to Berlin?

I studied Interior Architecture and spent some time in the UK and Copenhagen before I moved to Berlin. My last project before moving here was working on a set design for a theater and I simply felt that it was time for a change after that. I always enjoyed visiting the city as a teenager and later visiting friends, it was exciting and in a way very freeing because it made me feel like everybody was just figuring life out and that that was okay. I’m very interested in architecture and history and to be honest another reason why I moved here is because the city’s history is so very visible and there’s a lot to explore – moving here just made a lot of sense to me. Years later I find myself calling Berlin my home. I have amazing friends sharing this city with me and what feels like endless possibilities right in front of my door.

An important message?

You’re doing the best you can with the knowledge you have in this very moment.

What are you listening to in the following categories?

90's: Sailor Moon Theme Song
While riding your bike: Fuffifufzich – Zur Hilfe // ALCATRAZ – Angels America
Summertime: Tropikel Ltd – Achtung Fragile // Nand – Sonnenblumenfeld
Red Wine: Angel Olsen – Spring // Parcels – Light // Any song by Tom Misch
To dance: Gome – Fever (of the night) // Parallel Dance Ensemble – Shopping Cart
Guilty Pleasure: The whole Lionel Richie Album „Can’t slow down“ from 1983. To be honest… what a great album! But I don’t really call anything a guilty pleasure anymore. What also gets me on my feet is basically any Neue Deutsche Welle Artist (thanks to my parents at this point), if it’s a Stereo Total, Ideal, Falco, City, Nina Hagen listening party - count me in!

What is your role at Jukserei?

As Art Director one of the biggest parts of my role is to make sure that every aspect of the brand aligns with our current style. I’m responsible for the overall look of the brand meaning anything that visually comes up – for example working on photo shootings, the latest campaigns and collections, the design of our website, social media and marketing materials – it’s a whole rage of different tasks.

A daily thought?

Did I lock my bike

What is your relationship with creativity and what does it mean to you?

My relationship with creativity has come a long way. Throughout school, university and former workplaces “creativity” often meant having great, original and innovative ideas. This mindset made me think that I had to be productive and physically make stuff all the time. That created a huge amount of pressure – no wonder that the pressure on myself got so high that I found myself in a creative block from time to time. These phases made me feel unable to contribute, also failing in a sense because I simply couldn’t come up with that one idea that people or I expected of myself. Over time I learned that creativity allows me to express myself and that that’s enough. I love imagining, exploring, playing, thinking, building just as much as when I was a kid. Creativity is a great thing so I just have fun with it. Without pressure, without feeling like I have to prove myself. I enjoy painting, working on music or embroidering. Creating funky ceramics, getting all up in oil pastels, photographing with my analog camera or documenting with my (shitty) cam corder. Or why not try everything at the same time?

How do you spend your Sundays relaxing in Berlin?

I love spending time in one of my favorite areas: Rixdorf! Start your day right with getting some yummy baked goods at Kønigliche Backstube followed by a game of Minigolf at Hertzbergplatz. Eating a slice of delicious Pizza for lunch at Vier Ecken, taking a relaxing walk through Cormeniusgarten. There’s always a little space for ice cream, so I can recommend checking out Eisderix and ending the evening with a cold beer in the garden of Zosse, or a lovely glass of wine at 3 Flaschen .

Your favorite JUKSEREI jewelry and why?

My favorite JUKSEREI jewelry at the moment is the Mesh Signet Ring as well as the Ola Ring – both combined are basically my daily go to. I like the playfulness of the BONBON Hoops Big and how smooth the SQUARE Chips Necklace feels around my neck (it’s great wearing one of my favorite snacks as jewelry).