Art Director

If you could have a peek into the studio, you could easily point out Mona’s desk. She loves a neat and organized workplace in order for her creativity to thrive. With her background in Editorial Design this cheerful soul takes JUKSEREI’s Art Direction by the horns and has already made a lasting impression. Her home is filled with beautiful curated, colored objects from art books, handmade ceramics to carefully selected souvenirs from abroad. A solo trip around the world? Count this lady in! Armed with her analog camera, she’ll roam the streets, take in new impressions, meet interesting people and browse through art and typography zines at the local bookstore. But for now, we’d like to keep her here!

What is your role at JUKSEREI?

As Art Director I’m responsible for the overall look of the brand which describes a whole range of different tasks. From the design of our website, social media and marketing materials, updating our packaging regularly, to photo shootings of our latest collections & campaigns and anything else that (visually) comes up. I'm always trying to make sure that everything aligns nicely with our current style.

What led you to Berlin?

After living in Hamburg for many years (and half a year in Copenhagen during my studies) I was ready for a change and landed in Berlin by chance. I applied for jobs in different cities around Europe (Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen) and ended up getting one in Berlin. Coming from the north of Germany I always liked visiting Berlin for the weekend but was never super keen about moving there – too big, too dirty, too crazy. Berlin actually won me over quite quickly though. I just love the endless possibilities and the freedom the city offers: going to exhibitions, concerts, flea markets, art house cinemas, and of course all the amazing food and local shops everywhere. It can be tough in winter but the warmer days make it all worth it somehow.

How do you use jewelry as a part of your expression?

I rarely leave the house without wearing jewelry. Even before working for JUKSEREI, I truly loved earrings, however most of them were not such high-quality. Today, I pay more attention to the materials and how the jewelry is produced. To me jewelry just adds that little something to my daily outfits, whether it’s extravagant earrings, several rings or a subtle necklace.

What's your ultimate summer feeling?

The smell of sunscreen in the morning when getting ready for a long relaxing day at the lake, sipping Iced coffee in the sun and most of all being close to the sea, preferably somewhere in the South of France.

How do you spend your Sundays relaxing in Berlin?

It really varies. In winter, you will often find me cozying up at home with a good book and a cup of coffee or black tea, or strolling around my neighborhood in Neukölln with a friend. In summer, I love to spend a lot of time outdoors: for example having a picnic in Körnerpark or watching the sunset at Tempelhofer Feld.

Favorite drink?

Currently Whiskey Sour. But I always love a good Aperol Spritz or Campari Soda, I’m a huge fan of Aperitivo (you'll often find me at Barettino).

Your favorite JUKSEREI jewelry and why?

I love the wavy playfulness of FLORA Hoops, they really match my taste and are perfect to wear everyday. Since I also like to wear big earrings, I’m also a fan of our COCO Hoops Big.