Wholesale Coordinator

When your nickname is 'Rodeo' you're just meant to be a fierce lady! Meet the Danish lady Sabrina, who joined the JUKSEREI team to be in charge of our online shop and nowadays lovingly takes care of our retailers. When she's not carefully replying to your inquiries, you might find Sabrina in the roller derby hall kicking ass in her Berlin Roller Derby team as Ms. Rodeo. But her coolness factor doesn't stop there. She has founded her own embroidery label in Berlin called Stitch and Poke, where 'Poodle Pool' and 'Mermaids who drink red wine' or 'beautiful women butts' are adorning t-shirts and sweaters. And if that's not enough, Rodeo is also known for her DJ skills playing vinyls only with funk, soul and disco from the 70s, 80s and 90s. For bookings, just contact her, if you dare!

Coffee or tea?

Both! With our awesome coffee machine at the JUKSEREI office, I drink coffee every day. Once it starts getting colder outside, I drink a lot more tea, especially GHL (ginger, honey, lemon). This summer I've been having a serious crush on ice-latte, hehehe.

What are you listening to?

90's: Everything boyband, Aqua and Spice Girls, obviously.
Guilty Pleasure: Paroles, Paroles – Dalida & Alain Delon
Summertime: Spring Affair – Donna Summer
While riding your bike: Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush
Red Wine: Django Reinhardt
10 years ago: Same as now, oldies :)
For Dancing: Prince

Most worn JUKSEREI piece?

COCO Ring and 2 Pollen Ring, in silver.