BINU · MINIS (Set of 3 Facial Soaps)


SABRINA recommends:
"The Minis are so lovely! After just the first use my skin felt so much better. The small soaps are ideal testers or travel sizes for the holidays. And I love the fact that the set arrives in a small eco-friendly cardboard box :)"

  • Bamboo Facial Soap (normal & mature skin)
  • Bamboo Charcoal Facial Soap (oily & impure skin)
  • Calendula Facial Soap (dry skin)
  • 100% natural ingredients vegan
  • Friendmade in Korea, designed in Berlin

With the Minis, a little soap trio, you can target every skin need. How your skin feels and looks depends on many factors. Stress, your diet, and the weather can have an impact on your skin condition. This means that your skin might need a change in products every now and then. At times, the skin feels dry and you have the feeling of tension, but it can also feel completely normal again soon later. Therefore, you shouldn’t use the same skincare products over and over again, but learn to understand your skin better and adapt.

BINU is a small beauty business inspired by Korea's long history of cosmetics use. It was founded about three years ago by Nami Fündling and Katharina Bürger, with the idea of bringing a unique beauty product to the market. While Katharina is in charge of marketing endeavors and the creative side of the business, Nami, as an industrial engineer, the analytical manager with knowledge in chemistry. Whilst they both run the Berlin BINU office and are in charge of sales, marketing and innovative product development, Nami’s parents, Younghee and Dirk, manage the soap manufacture in Damyang, Korea. With so much personal involvement, it seems wrong to speak of a „brand“ – rather, BINU is a friend’s and family business for everyone who wants to try a unique beauty product.