SABRINA recommends:
"Tea might be my middle name. I even could convince a few die-hard coffee drinkers here at Jukserei to drink more tea! It warms, it heals and it connects. Especially the herbal teas are to be found on my kitchen counter. Many herbal teas have powerful medicinal effects, just like this Lemon Verbena from Companion Tea. It's said to boost many of your organ systems, metabolic processes and reduce inflammation. Don't ever underestimate the healing power of herbal teas!"

  • Crisp and lemony with subtle notes of mint
  • Premium Seasonal Tea
  • Single-garden whole-leaf tea
  • Sourced in close partnerships with the selected tea garden and farmers

This herbal infusion is crisp and lemony with subtle notes of mint. It is refreshing and calming alone but also pairs well with honey and can be used in cooking to provide a fresh citrusy punch.

Brewing instructions: 1g / 100ml | 95ºC | 3 min.

First famous for their amazing coffee, Companion has certainly staged themselves as one of the best providers of high-end quality tea in Berlin, too. In their cafe in Neukölln, they offer a relaxed atmosphere and only the best selection of everything you need for your weekend-walk around the Kiez: Tea, baked goods, and coffee. The teas are seasonal, produced sustainably in close partnerships with the selected farmers and made in small batches!