MONA recommends:
"I love this tea from Companion Tea. It's one of their teas which you end up leaning over the mug breathing in the smell while you wait for it to cool down."

This high-altitude herb is made in small batches with attention to detail and every effort taken to keep the herb in tact and retaining its delicate character. Though it is dried, this herb tastes almost of fresh peppermint with a sweetness likable to caramel, menthol brightness and a clear lingering peppermint flavor.

Brewing instructions: 1g/100ml | 100ºC | 3 min.

First famous for their amazing coffee, Companion has certainly staged themselves as one of the best providers of high-end quality tea in Berlin, too. In their cafe in Neukölln, they offer a relaxed atmosphere and only the best selection of everything you need for your weekend-walk around the Kiez: Tea, baked goods, and coffee. The teas are seasonal, produced sustainably in close partnerships with the selected farmers and made in small batches!