CHANETTE recommends:
"White forest is a very soft, creamy and mild tasting tea. I love drinking it in the evening when I want to finish up a long day with a warm, clean and healthy cup of tea. I have heard that white tea is a powerful source of natural antioxidants and anti-aging properties. And who would say no to that ;). Remember to cool down your hot boiled water for a little bit before you add the teabag for ca. 2min, to avoid scalding the leaves."

  • Tasting notes of white peach, radish and creamy
  • Premium Seasonal Tea
  • Single-garden whole-leaf tea
  • Sourced in close partnerships with the selected tea garden and farmers

Pathivara Tea estate is located 2000 meters above sea level, making it the highest altitude garden in the Himalayan mountains. This high altitude and the low yearly temperature in addition to a wealth of biodiversity enable this producer to create singular and noteworthy teas. The dedication to producing only specialty grade tea and the passion for quality ensure this farm's consistency.

Brewing instructions: 1,5g/ 100ml | 80ºC | 2 min.

First famous for their amazing coffee, Companion has certainly staged themselves as one of the best providers of high-end quality tea in Berlin, too. In their cafe in Neukölln, they offer a relaxed atmosphere and only the best selection of everything you need for your weekend-walk around the Kiez: Tea, baked goods, and coffee. The teas are seasonal, produced sustainably in close partnerships with the selected farmers and made in small batches!