MANUELA recommends:
"I have been using COUDRE's Pillow Mist "Good Night Sleep Tight" for a while and I honestly cannot rave enough about this product. It truly does have that calming effect and help to put your mind at ease. I notice that whenever I am having difficulty sleeping, even after taking Melatonin, I use this, and I knock right out within the next 10-20 min or so depending upon how much overthinking I was doing."

Scent: Rosewater & natural essential oils of lavender from the Provence, Italian bitter orange.

How to use: Spray a bit of the scent in your room or on your pillow or sheets before going to bed. Relax.

Contains Linalool and Limonene. May produce an allergic reaction.

COUDRE BERLIN is a young menswear and design brand from Berlin that was founded in 2016 by Dimitri Moustakidis and Daniel Diederich. It stands for modern, minimalist clothing, combining everyday functionality with a strong fashion sensibility. By rethinking classics and adding subtle details, COUDRE BERLIN creates simple and unique pieces that are clean and edgy – inspired by the roughness of the city and road trips into nature.