ANNE recommends:
"I am still a beginner when it comes to spicy food, so I also like it when it not only tastes of chili but also has notes of other flavors. I am a big fan of the flavors that Crazy Bastard put together and am very fond of the scotch bonnet + Caribbean spices combination. Try it :) It is exciting and delicious."
  • Handmade in Berlin
  • Inspired by the flavors of Jerk seasoning
  • No added sugar, bitter extract, thickening agents or dilution with water
  • Made with oven-roasted chilis and fresh natural ingredients

Ingredients: Peppers, onions, white wine vinegar, Scotch Bonnet Chillis (13%), ginger, garlic, Limes, olive oil, celery salt, spice mixture (0,3%)

Pairing: perfect with sweet potato, corn cobs, fried plantain, grilled chicken, white fish or rice and peas

Heat: 4/10

Scoville (estimated): 7,000 SHU

Crazy Bastard Sauce came to life in 2011 with the first attempts at a Fajita seasoning sauce. After two years of experimentation, the Habanero & Tomatillo sauce was created, as it is still sold today. Crazy Bastard Sauce was then officially founded by Jonathan (Jono) O’Reilly in 2013 after designing the logo, registering the brand and perfecting the recipes. As word of mouth online sales of CBS began to grow, sales started in various markets across Berlin. Shops and restaurants followed. In January 2015, Jono decided to quit his job as a bar manager and become a full-time sauce man! Now they even received awards for their homemade recipes! So a hot sauce from these guys is true Berlin Souvenir :).