This piece contains little imperfections which are also part of the charm of handmade jewelry. It did not make it through our high standard quality control due to one of the following reasons: tiny bubbles, small scratches, discoloration, imperfect weldings or uneven engravings.

Original price 65€

Available in Gold (24K gold-plated 925 sterling silver). 
Size: 2,5cm

CROISSANT Pin is part of our unique B-STOCK ARCHIVE which features exclusive pieces with small beauty flaws from former (and nowadays non-available) collections. Pieces from our B-STOCK ARCHIVE are non-returnable. They will be delivered nicely wrapped as usual but come without our regular jewelry boxes, instead we’ll be using recycled and sorted out materials to keep a sustainable cycle and avoid unnecessary waste. Standard shipping costs will be added to your order, EU-Shipping costs will be refunded when ordering pieces from other collections along with it.

Designed in Berlin · Handmade in Italy