MONA recommends:
"I've loved this facial oil for a year already! It’s part of my daily routine. I really adore the smooth feeling on my skin after cleansing. I can feel immediately how the organic rosehip oil makes my skin better.”

  • Only one ingredient
  • Organic
  • Vegan Suitable for all skin types
  • Preservative and fragrance-free

Helps with: Wrinkles, Dry & sensitive skin, Scars, Stretch marks, Acne & acne scars, Pigmentation

How to use: Gently massage one to two drops into the skin on the face or body. Suitable for daily use - morning and evening. For best results, use the oil after showering. The warm water and steam will open your pores and allow the oil to absorb better. Try the oil as an ideal supplement to your daily care or make-up.

Skincare can really be that simple, pure and effective. Claire, the founder of Merme, realized that even so-called "natural" skin and hair products were full of chemicals and decided to do something about it. In Berlin, she creates pure and simple beauty products containing only one highest quality ingredient, inspired by her late grandmother "Merme" who only used homemade, natural, high-quality oils to cure any skin alignment.