MONA recommends:
"During these home office days, you don’t really need make-up... But a tiny bit of this natural setting powder helps me to give my very sleepy eyes a more rested and brighter look. This tiny habit already makes me feel good and helps me to start my day like any other 'normal' day.”

  • 100% natural
  • With 70% Organic Ingredients
  • Vegan and gluten-free

The transparent setting Powder refines the skin texture, lies protectively on the foundation and provides a long-lasting matt finish. The ultra-fine consistency creates a flawless natural complexion. Pores disappear optically and are refined. Antioxidant green tea and aloe vera extract have a regenerating, protective and anti-inflammatory effect

How to use: After applying Foundation with a brush, apply a small amount of Setting Powder over the entire face and blend towards the neck.

Say yes to conscious beauty! Trend-conscious women of today, you deserve a high-performance make-up that fits your lifestyle and is natural and vegan at the same time. NUI's goal is to make you feel great even with natural make-up and not have to compromise on look, scent and durability. "NUI" stands for "grandiose" by New Zealand's Maori people - and that's how every woman should feel with NUI Cosmetics!