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January / Garnet
January / Garnet
January / Garnet
January / Garnet
January / Garnet

Customization is at the heart of this BIRTHSTONE BUNGEE Bracelet, allowing you to commemorate the birthdays of loved ones, mark special anniversaries, or simply showcase your favourite gemstones. With the ability to choose up to five different birthstones, the possibilities for personalization are endless.


  • Select number of months
  • Then select gemstone 1-5, depending on how many months you want
  • Select the quantity of customized bracelets you want to order
  • The small image to the left is a preview of the final bracelet
  • Want a Birthstone Bungee Bracelet with 1 gemstone only? click here
  • Please note: custom-made jewelry can't be returned or exchanged

Our handmade BIRTHSTONE BUNGEE Bracelets are flexible bracelet with a choice of 12 different gemstones, one for each month of the year. The design is also available as BIRTHSTONE BUNGEE Ring

    Size: Ø 5,50 cm / Gemstone: Ø 4mm

    Choose between 12 colors of gemstones:
    January · Garnet · Passion, Energy and Health
    February · Amethyst · Trust, Intuition and Spirituality
    March · Aquamarine · Fluidity, Soothing and Go with the flow
    April · Clear Quartz · Clarity, Manifestation and Focus
    May · Emerald · Harmony, Beauty and Security
    June · Peach Moonstone · Positivity, Balance and Soothing
    July · Ruby · Love, Courage and Passion
    August · Peridot · Happiness, Confidence and Protection
    September · Sapphire · Loyalty, Strength and Integrity
    October · Opal · Good Luck, Self-Awareness and Creativity
    November · Citrine · Happiness, Joy and Light
    December · Turquoise · Health, Protection and Wisdom

    The bracelets are adorned with real gemstones. Like all gemstones, there is a possibility that they might fade slightly over time the more you love and wear them!

    Designed in Berlin · Handmade in Denmark

    BIRTHSTONE BUNGEE Bracelets are part of our BIRTHSTONE Collection. With these precious pieces, you will always be in good spirits. Kind companions carrying positive energy for every day. Coming in 12 different gemstones for each month of the year, each of them features a special quality and meaning. Celebrate yourself or your loved ones by choosing your own birth month or the month of someone special.