We produce in Europe

Our carefully selected production is located mainly in Italy, where we produce the biggest part of our collections. Other pieces are handmade in Denmark. We have been working directly with our manufacturing partners since demand outpaced Chanette's ability to hand make all the jewelry herself. Visiting them regularly, has allowed us to build strong relationships with them, which helps us to make sure that we all incorporate the same values in our way of working. The transportation distances are short and thanks to our strong connection we can communicate in an efficient way.

Made to last

It is important to us to keep our stock levels small and responsive to your wants and needs, testing new designs with small releases. If we have excess stock, we give those pieces an after-season life. Take our bi-yearly sample sale for example, where we give samples, prototypes or second choice pieces a new purpose. Other items that don't pass our quality control are repurposed or melted down into new pieces. Many styles of our collections have a long lifetime, which is an important part of the design process and a high priority. The collections continue to be sold after the season is over and we have many beloved basic bestsellers that go all the way back to our first year, 2012.