Mindful elegance


At JUKSEREI we believe in taking a slower, more considered road in life. Not something that always resonates with the fast paced everyday life and the trend driven fashion industry, but something that resonates with our view of life and the world.

JUKSEREI was founded by Chanette Anderson in 2012 in Berlin in the search of a slower, more conscious, more mindful and more elegant approach for making jewelry. We wanted to show that it's possible to create affordable jewelry, of good quality, made to last for more than just a season.

At JUKSEREI, mindful elegance is not only the story we tell about our approach and our jewelry. It’s also the atmosphere we want to create within our company, and what we present when our community and guests are entering our world. A world where time is our most important resource. By taking our time, we are able to act mindfully in all aspects; towards the world, nature, ourselves and our community.

We want to care for our community and give them something unexpected. This magical experience in their busy everyday life, which inspires them and makes them feel at home. We believe it's all in the small details such as the way we communicate with you, how we invest time in wrapping your jewelry with kindness, writing a handwritten note for your gifts or taking the time to get to know and care for the people we collaborate with.


At JUKSEREI we want to emphasize a transparent space when it comes to our production. A space where we aim to do our best and work with the best, but we are also aware of how times are constantly changing. This calls for curiosity and a willingness to always learn more and keep developing our production with our valued manufacturing partners.

We strive to be open about who we are, what we stand for and our ambitions and demands for our production. We know that being 100 % sustainable is a modern challenge for almost everyone, but we also know we can do our best regarding our footprint in today's world by constantly reflecting on our actions.

We have done our best in improving our footprint by shortening our supply chains. For years we have proudly been working on our production with our manufacturing partner Paolo and his team, who's based in Italy. Keeping in daily contact and visiting him regularly has allowed us to build a strong relationship, which helps us to make sure that we all incorporate the same values in our ways of working. Paolo has more than 40 years of experience in making jewelry and takes pride in making all our JUKSEREI jewelry by hand, which matches up with how we see time as one of our most important resources.

Keeping in line with our mindful approach we have always opted to produce our jewelry in smaller numbers, get a feeling for the demand and place reorders, rather than overproducing. This is possible because our production is located nearby in Europe.


“Opposites attract” is the creative mantra from our eclectic and creative design duo consisting of Anne Clausen and Chanette Anderson. They come from different creative backgrounds and each have their own aesthetic look when creating jewelry. During their design process they join forces in creating the well known DNA of JUKSEREI.

Anne is an old soul in a young body, fascinated by timeless and nostalgic pieces. Her aesthetic preference leans towards the soft and voluminous. She has a strong intuition and passion for disruptive tendencies and designing classical, long lasting designs.

Chanette’s aesthetic inclination is modern and elegant with a simple touch. She has a great eye for the little details and is always on the look-out for new ways of creating jewelry which can be worn in all seasons of life from young to old. Her attitude towards designing is known for having an emotional aspect, where she is curious about creating meaningful jewelry that brings extra joy to the life of the wearer.

Despite their different creative approaches, the JUKSEREI design team share a common love for excellent craftsmanship and unite in the mission of ensuring that there is a JUKSEREI piece for everyone.

JUKSEREI is known for its timeless, seasonless and ageless jewelry, all made with a love for craftsmanship and fine detail.


For all of our pieces we have a strong focus on the use of natural, high quality materials. We use 925 sterling silver and 24K gold and design jewelry that is easy on your eyes and gentle on your skin. Therefore all pieces are lead, cadmium and nickel free in accordance with the REACH regulations. Our gemstones are selected by our Italian producer and Danish supplier and go through our own quality control as well, to ensure you're only getting the best.

At JUKSEREI we want to be part of shaping a world, where nothing is wasted or just thrown away because of small beauty flaws or a new trend showing up. This is why we have created our B-STOCK platform, because we believe all jewelry deserves a life and a caring home. If we unexpectedly have extra stock, we give those pieces a chance to sparkle as B-stock. Furthermore we give samples, prototypes or second choice pieces a new purpose at our bi-yearly sample sale. Other items that don't pass our quality control are repurposed or melted down into new pieces. This is the caring circle of a JUKSEREI piece.