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Handmade in Denmark

Say hello to Isak, the brother of Jukserei's
founder and designer Chanette and our craftsman in Denmark
creating all of Jukserei's Good Luck Bracelets by hand. 


Isak's workshop sits amidst beautiful serene nature and wild seashores distinctive of Denmark's 
northern most region, Jutland and the place where the Pedersen family grew up.

The urge to create must run through the Pedersen's veins. Since the three Pedersen siblings were little, sweaters were knitted,
rain jackets were sewn, dolls were crocheted and shells were picked up from the beach to be used as adornments all over the house.

So it doesn't come as a surprise they all love creating things with their hands. Christine is an architect, Isak set up
his own glass workshop while Chanette created her own jewelry. So when Jukserei started, Isak took over
the creation of the Good Luck bracelets and since then every bracelet has passed through his expert hands.


We followed Isak around the magical place where the Pedersens grew up, drove to Skagen, where the North and Baltic seas meet, 
climbed the sand dunes and dove head first into Isak's world where he draws constant inspiration from nature. 
We documented the making-of those special Jukserei bracelets which demand loads of patience and delicate handwork.

Handmade in Denmark with love – As you tie this bracelet on your wrist, make a wish.
When the bracelet falls off, your wish will come true.


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