A blaze of color


Kjersti is a visual artist based in Berlin. She works with different techniques such as painting, illustration and photography. Being from Norway, nature often plays a central role in her art. She is–as her art–very colorful and alluring. Kjersti has a great passion for interior design, everything glitter and is a master decorator. We visited her at her home which also functions as her atelier for a coffee, a chat and some sparkling disco ball fun.

Berlin, 2018

When did you know you wanted to do what you're currently doing?

I always wanted to be an interior designer or architect. But at the age of 14– after spending a day at an architecture firm–I learned that I had to follow a bunch of rules AND do math if I wanted to do this. As I'm dead scared of both rules and math, I switched to art.

What's your best childhood memory?

The long summers at my grandparents' place in the Norwegian countryside. Swimming in the sea, eating freshly picked strawberries and making waffles. Yum!

Why did you move to Berlin?

Because of Modulor, haha! ... and the feeling of freedom.

What inspires you?

Weird color combinations, music, nature (or the lack of...), travelling and architecture.

What is your favorite JUKSEREI piece?

The rings! All of them. But especially the Sparkling Ring, I never take it off.

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