Our dear Danish friend Sonja has spent the last few months exploring Berlin with her boyfriend. When she wasn't strolling around the hidden gems of Neukölln, we were lucky to spend time with her at the JUKSEREI studio. There she worked as our in-house model, striking poses in front of our lens with such ease, as if she had been doing this forever. We instantly fell in love with her energy and optimism. Sonja has this flashy, yet effortless, cool style that one can only envy her for.

Berlin, 2017

What are memorable moments in your life?

That would definitely be taking a walk on the Assistens Graveyard in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. It is one of my favorite things to do in Copenhagen and I could not live without it. It makes me feel really peaceful and calm when I go for a walk there. Especially during the winter when everything is covered in snow and it's peaceful and quiet. It is actually a really good place to think and disconnect from city life. Also, I really love exploring all the names on the gravestones.

Any recent cultural discoveries that you would like to share?

I've recently been living in Berlin and had the pleasure of eating the German dish "Knödel" for the first time. I tried it at this amazing and cozy restaurant called Knödelwirtschaft in Neukölln. They change their menu every week; so they have different kinds of Knödel, for example with goat cheese, ricotta, sage or bacon. And their mushroom sauce (to pour over your Knödel) is so deliciously tasty. Also, the people working there are very friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

What is your favorite JUKSEREI piece?

That would definitely be the FROTÉ Bracelet (out of stock). I really love that it's so shiny and bling bling. It makes me feel like a kitschy Italian signora.