Ocean view with…


Tove is the mom of JUKSEREI’s founder Chanette. She lives with
 Chanette's Dad Olaf in a small town in Northern Denmark right on 
the ocean. While actually a trained smørrebrød chef – one of
 Denmark's oldest and rarest professions – she spent most of her 
life working as a day-care mom and caretaker. The amount of time and effort Tove put in during JUKSEREI’s first
 years is unimaginable. Whether it was packing jewelry and orders,
 conducting quality control, or any one of the other millions of tasks
 she helped with, she was always ready and willing to help out in 
any way necessary.

We met the woman responsible for Chanette's
 creative genes at her home and shot her while working on one of
her many knitting projects. After, we walked out her front door,
 straight on the beach and had a chat about all things in life, big
 and small.

Frederikshavn, 2018

What is your favorite JUKSEREI piece?

Favorite... there are many! But the Noora earrings I'm wearing are definitely one of
them. Also the LE Necklace, POLLEN Rings, LULU pieces, Pendul set, SIGRID Ear Studs, MOON Necklace... it's really hard to choose since I have a lot of favorites. ;)

What inspires you?

The nature! The ocean and its colors, the beach, the lines and colors of seashells, 
the forest and flowers.

What's a memorable moment in your life and why?

Well, the most memorable moments in my life were when we had our children. 
And of course our grandchildren.

Any recent cultural discoveries that you can recommend?

I recently went to see the Danish comedian Jan Gintberg. It was hilarious! Apart 
from that, I was visiting the Art Institute of Chicago with my family some months 
ago. There were so many painters who I admire a lot and I’d never think I would one 
day see them in real life.