Trine is the most caring and warmhearted woman we know. But don't get fooled by her innocent smile and beautiful curly hair. Trine can be super rowdy too – some say it's coming from her Copenhagen roots. Trine is a former disco dancer, so you can always be sure that her Spotify playlist is on point. Maybe that's the reason why her music selections are on repeat at the JUKSEREI office? She recently did a semester in Berlin–lucky for us–and this summer she finishes her studies in TV & Media Production in Copenhagen. We're all very curious where the next adventure will bring her. But first, we met up for a chat and she struck some poses in front of our camera, while we drowned in her blue blue eyes ...

Berlin, 2018

Which of your personality traits would you consider very Danish?

When the weather gets dark and cold, I have a tendency to wear a lot of black (like every other Dane), but I just bought an insane orange fleece jacket to brighten up the darker days. I also love gravy and potatoes, and everything else with gravy on it.

Any recent cultural discoveries that you would like to share?

I just went to Croatia this summer, driving around and living in a small camper. That was awesome! I’ve never been on a camping trip before. The best part of Croatia, was the amazing clear, turquoise water we swam in, and of course the cold drinks.

What is your favorite JUKSEREI piece?

I wear my BOX Bracelet every single day. I love how it’s constructed and the size of it. I usually wear it by itself and sometimes I mix it up with some more delicate bracelets. I think, I have to get the BOX Necklace to match it soon.