Jordann Wood

The beauty of the eye


We’d like to introduce you to our dear friend Jordann Wood, who is known for being the go-to photographer for great aesthetics, good vibes and breathtaking campaigns. Jordann is a US citizen, but a Berlin lover and a true spaceholder. She loves strolling in this eclectic city and dining and dancing with friends all night.

Berlin, 2022

Hi Jordann, you are the epitome of mindful elegance and a talented photographer with an extraordinary resume, when did your love affair with the camera start?

Oh wow.. That is too kind. I think from a young age I was actually super interested and curious about the things around me. That is what led me to start capturing moments of beauty in my daily life. But it wasn’t until I was 14 where the real practical love for photography started when I got a little digital camera. I still sometimes pick it up and shoot for fun.

You are a well featured photographer in the German fashion industry, what is it that is so extraordinary about capturing fashion moments and what do you love most when you are on shoots?

Fashion photography allows for a lot of your personal style and eye to come through. It’s fun, energetic and playful. It allows you to create and interact with your muse in a way that is different from just portraits or documentary style. My favorite moments on set are when the music is hitting right and everyone is in flow. I love the team aspect of fashion photography. It’s a whole production. Maybe it’s a people pleasing thing but my all time favorite moment is when the client looks over my shoulder and is beyond happy with the images. That’s always so rewarding for me.

How is your relationship with jewelry and how do you use it in your everyday life?

Even reading the word jewelry makes me happy. I always have a few rings on. Sometimes I’ll add earrings if the outfit calls for a little spark or maybe a necklace. I think the right jewelry elevates a look, your mood and your personal style. Sometimes the most interesting part of my outfit are my rings and I’m okay with that. My personal opinion is that jewelry and shoes make an outfit.

You are a US citizen, but a traveler by heart and soul and today you have settled in Berlin. What do you love about this city and in which places do you find inspiration?

There is a lot of space and freedom to create the life you want in Berlin. I find the openness of people in the creative space most inspiring. I love all the gallery openings, exhibitions, pop-ups and events that are always happening, you meet the most interesting people. Also the weekend markets are like no other, so many second hand treasures.

Sometimes I like to just put on my headphones and go for a stroll. There are so many cute old couples, dogs and curated outfits in Berlin. One of my favorite things about Berlin is being in my friends' homes. The dinners we create, the laughter we have, the conversation we share, the dancing. It’s truly such a beautiful city with beautiful people.

What are your favorite JUKSEREI pieces and how do you prefer styling them?

The ALBA Hoops in silver are my all time favorite. I always get compliments on them and love their simplicity and elegance. I like to style them with a simple outfit and let them sparkle.