Milestones & Pearls


Meet our dear friend Louise Toftegaard, who is a buyer at the Danish store Stoy, a stylist and mom by heart and soul. Louise is known for being one of the best dressed ladies in Denmark and has an artistic and playful view upon styling. She’s the epitome of casual luxury and always knows how to turn an everyday outfit into something special.

Copenhagen, 2022

What are the must have jewelry pieces for the spring season?

This year I'm turning 40. It’s a bit of a milestone with the round birthdays, and I'm always a bit extra sensitive and thoughtful as I approach those. Therefore, my must have piece this season is not driven by trends or fashion. I simply want a piece of jewelry from my husband and children. A piece of jewelry I could have for the rest of my life. A piece of jewelry with meaning. Emotion. Memories. Love.

Spring time is party time, how would you dress up for a party? 

Spring time calls for beads and cold rosé wine. That's why this season I want to make sure I walk out the door wearing pearls. Pearls are super understated with a tee and jeans & if a message ticks in from work about cold rosé, it doesn't take more than loosening the bun and freshening up the lips to join in. I LOVE easy solutions.

What are your favorite JUKSEREI pieces and how do you prefer styling them?

I love the VOYAGE and MOM Necklaces, I always style them together as I think they compliment each other fantastically. Emotions, timelessness and lightness. And the pride of being a mother to 4 lovely kids is a feeling and look that overrides EVERYTHING else.