Marie Jaster

Beige feels with…


Today we would like to introduce you to one of JUKSEREI's friends, Marie Jaster, who is the founder of Beige Magazine: Marie talked to us about her work as the magazine's Editor-in-Chief, her emotional connection to jewelry and her favorite places in Berlin.

Berlin, 2022

You work as a magazine editor and are the founder of Beige magazine – could you tell us more about your work?

Beige is one of the leading lifestyle online magazines in Germany, which I co-founded in 2017. For me and my team, it's about offering accessible journalism, independent of prejudices and exclusion. We are a digital home, so to speak, where our readers can find new input on culture, interiors, fashion, beauty, travel and people every day. 

What is most important for you to thrive as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry?

My network. Each stage of my professional career has led me to meet other great people, especially women. And together we support each other with jobs, advice and also exchange private information. After each conversation, I go back to everyday life strengthened, inspired and perhaps a little wiser.

You are a citizen of Berlin and know all the great places to go. What would you recommend when visiting Berlin?

I practically grew up in KaDeWe (almost next to it), so it's definitely a must-visit, otherwise I can also recommend a stroll along Akazienstrasse in Schöneberg to everyone. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) far too few people know about this neighborhood, where you can meet lots of Berliners and discover small, authentic boutiques - and eat the best ice cream in town at Jones Ice Cream. 

How is your relationship with jewelry and how do you use it in your everyday life?

I have a very emotional connection with jewelry, because the love for it runs in our family. My grandmother always brought me a piece of jewelry as a souvenir from her travels, my mother wanted to become a goldsmith for a while and I associate special pieces of jewelry with many moments: For my 18th birthday my mother designed a ring for me, for graduation I got a watch and since my grandmother is unfortunately no longer with us, I wear a piece of her jewelry every day to have her with me. And then, of course, there's my engagement ring, which I've looked at every day for the past three months.

Once you wrote, you couldn't imagine a closet without JUKSEREI jewelry, but what are your favorite JUKSEREI pieces and why? 

I especially like the jewelry pieces from JUKSEREI that have a special twist. So for example the BONBON necklace or the VOYAGE necklace with different sized beads or balls and since I am Parisian at heart, I am of course also a big fan of the entire CROISSANT collection. Jewelry must always have a surprising or personal element, I think that's important so that everything looks modern.