Mia, Zoe and Tim

Support Onlineshop, Wholesale & Customer Service

Meet the lovely humans behind our Onlineshop who make sure that all of your jewelry arrives nicely polished, carefully packed and beautifully wrapped. They are also in charge of answering all questions regarding orders and returns. When they are not working hard in the JUKSEREI studio, Mia (Lulu) and Tim are studying experimental Textile and Fashion Design at the University of Arts, Zoe is striving to become an Urban Designer and Mia is finishing up her final years of high school. This lively bunch definitely keeps the business running smoothly!

What's your guilty pleasure?

Tim: Writing in Courier New and the taste of cardamom.
Mia (Lulu): True Crime Podcasts, secretly twerking in front of the mirror and reality shows.

What's your ultimate summer feeling?

Mia: For me, summer is when the sun is shining and I can spend time with friends on warm evenings. Or when I’m riding and the cool summer breeze kicks in in the evening and I can bring my horse back to the stable in the nice weather.
Zoe: The ease of knowing that the day will last forever and you have infinite time to do all the different things you want to do. Meet friends for breakfast, go to the lake, cook a nice dinner recipe you have been wanting to try and then go to a friend’s birthday party. All totally doable and there’s still daylight to spare. It’s great!

An important message?

Mia: If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.
Tim: I'm in love with cheesy phrases/messages, especially when they're printed on random products like a mug or doormat in pretty ugly typographies. My all time favorite says: don't dream your life, live your dreams.
Mia (Lulu): Stay soft, stay strong.

Most worn JUKSEREI piece?

LULU Necklace in silver (Tim), LE DOUBLE GRUMETTA Necklace in gold (Zoe), ISLA Necklace in gold (Mia).