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Handmade fine ring with a choice of 12 different gemstones, one for each month of the year.

Our birthstone rings were made to celebrate you or someone special to you! It is meant as a personal gift for yourself, your friend, mom or girlfriend. Choose your own birth month, or the month of someone special to you. Your ring comes beautifully packaged, ready to gift!

Every month/gemstone is known to have its own super powers. So you can choose according to your birth month or according to the gemstone's qualities:

Choose between 12 colors of gemstones (sizes in mm) when ordering:
JANUARY/GARNET (2,90mm): Passion, Energy and Health
FEBRUARY/AMETHYST (3,80mm): Trust, Intuition and Spirituality
MARCH/AQUAMARINE (4,37 mm): Fluidity, Soothing and Go with the flow
APRIL/CLEAR QUARTZ (4,57mm): Clarity, Manifestation and Focus
MAY/EMERALD (4,25 mm): Harmony, Beauty and Security
JUNE/PEACH MOONSTONE (3,00mm): Positivity, Balance and Soothing
JULY/RUBY (4,35mm) : Love, Courage and Passion
AUGUST/PERIDOT (3,65mm): Happiness, Confidence and Protection
SEPTEMBER/SAPPHIRE (3,50mm): Loyalty, Strength and Integrity
OCTOBER/OPAL (3,90mm): Good Luck, Self-Awareness and Creativity
NOVEMBER/CITRINE (4,15mm): Happiness, Joy and Light
DECEMBER/TURQUOISE (3,90mm): Health, protection and Wisdom

Choose between 2 ring sizes when ordering:
Size 1 (Ring size 50, inner diameter ca. 15,9mm)
Size 2 (Ring size 54, inner diameter ca, 17,2mm)

The size can vary a bit since it takes delicate handwork to make these kind of delicate rings.

Our Birthstone Rings are designed in Berlin and handmade out of 24k gold plated sterling silver in Italy. They are adorned with real gemstones. Like all gemstones, there is a possibility that they might fade slightly over time the more you love and wear them!


JUKSEREI jewelry is nickel, lead and cadmium free and all pieces are made of pure .925 sterling silver. They are up to +2 micron plated in 24kt gold and 18kt rose gold

Our Good Luck Bracelets are made of 100% silk and 24kt gold plated .925 sterling silver.
Our Matti Bracelet is made of 24kt gold plated brass.
Our Hair Clips are made of 24kt gold plated brass & stainless steel.

We advise you to read our Product Care Page when ordering.

Designed in Berlin – Handmade in Italy. 

More info about shipping and returns, here.

Shipping Cost: 4,90€ // Free shipping on orders over 40€.
Estimated delivery time within Germany is 1-3 working days.
Optional - UPS Express: 9€ // More info here.

Shipping Cost: 6€ (45DKK) // Free shipping on orders over 60€ (450 DKK).
Estimated delivery time is 2-3 working days.
Optional UPS Express: 20€ // More info here.

EUROPE (excl. Switzerland and Norway)
Shipping Cost: 12€ // Free shipping on orders over 90€.
Estimated delivery time within Europe is 2-4 working days.
Optional UPS Express: 25€ // More info here.

THE REST OF THE WORLD (incl. Switzerland and Norway)
Shipping Cost: 25€ // Free shipping on orders over 150€.
Estimated delivery time within Europe is 3-10 working days.
Optional UPS Express: 35€ // 
More info here.

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