Christmas Advent Calendar Candle handmade of 100% pure local Danish beeswax. Handmade by the employees from BISTAD, a small Danish social enterprise with a mix of various key personnel, vulnerable citizens and volunteers from all age groups. 

  • 100% pure local beeswax from Denmark
  • No pesticides nor antibiotics
  • Emits a warm honey scent
  • Free from harmful toxins making them a healthier and sustainable alternative to traditional paraffin candles. 

BISTAD beeswax is part of the Green Fund, meaning it comes from beehives where neither pesticides nor antibiotics are used. The number strip (1-24) is free from heavy metals and solvents, so no toxins are released during combustion.

Over time, beeswax candles will develop a white layer on the outside. This is a natural process for beeswax and can be easily removed with the warmth of your hands. It has no effect on the burning of the candle. It is important for the quality of burning beeswax candles to regularly trim the wick, this helps prevent the candle from producing soot.

BISTAD is a small Danish social enterprise with a mix of various key personnel, vulnerable citizens, and volunteers from all age groups. Everyone is involved in the daily work, from taking care of the bees to the production of their local and sustainable products. Through this meaningful work, the focus shifts away from the challenges of everyday life and helps create an effective environmental therapy framework for their employees.

At BISTAD, the most important bottom line is the social one, rather than the economic one, and all profits are reinvested in social work. The work is about creating value for the vulnerable citizens who come to them, with a focus on quality of life and personal development. BISTAD is a registered social enterprise, which means they annually document that they meet the conditions for this.