Transform your kitchen routine with this cool food planner from Danish Blåmst. Each sheet is divided into five weekdays plus weekend, providing ample space to plan all your meals from Monday to Sunday. Whether you’re prepping for family dinners, work lunches, or weekend brunches, this food planner keeps you organized and inspired.

  • Printed in Denmark
  • 52 x tear-off sheets
  • Size: A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Meal planning has never been easier or more enjoyable. By dedicating just a few minutes each week to organize your meals, you can save time, reduce food waste, and enjoy a more varied and nutritious diet. Blåmst food planner is designed to make this process seamless and delightful.

Blåmst was founded with a family dream of spending more time together and creating an everyday life with room for play. Blåmst launched their webshop in 2021 and in May 2022 they opened their first physical store in the heart of Horsens, Denmark. From there, they run their interior design business, which today designs posters, textiles and creates products that make everyday life easier, more beautiful and more fun. Over time, the family feeling has become as much a business philosophy as it is a physical thing. The brands and suppliers they choose to work with are people they would invite to the table at any time.