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JANINA recommends:
"Earl Grey tea is one of my all-time favorite go-to teas. It’s perfect when I don’t want something too bitter but I still want a pick me up in the morning. I highly recommend this tea if you love Earl Grey as much as I do."

The base of this Earl Grey is produced by La Mandala Tea garden in Fikkal, Nepal. The tea is heavily machine rolled and given a long oxidation period, a technique taken from Taiwanese style ruby tea, which gives it a full texture and sweet date-like aroma. Companion Tea then scent the tea in their Berlin tea room with an organic bergamot sourced from Sicily. The result is a balanced and aromatic Earl Grey that is rich and layered.

First famous for their amazing coffee, Companion has certainly staged themselves as one of the best providers of high-end quality tea in Berlin, too. In their cafe in Neukölln, they offer a relaxed atmosphere and only the best selection of everything you need for your weekend-walk around the Kiez: Tea, baked goods, and coffee. The teas are seasonal, produced sustainably in close partnerships with the selected farmers and made in small batches!