The scent of the yuzu & rhubarb diffuser combines the fresh citrus notes of the yuzu fruit with the sweet, tart notes of rhubarb. Simply place the supplied rattan sticks in the bottle and after a while a pleasant scent will spread throughout the 

  • Bottle contains 100ml fragrance liquid
  • 6 rattan sticks included
  • The flacons are filled by hand in Berlin

People who are sensitive to fragrances should use this product with caution.

COUDRE scents are manufactured by hand in a small workshop in the heart of Berlin. The diffusers are packed in a beautiful terrazzo box.

Scent: Fresh citrus notes of the yuzu fruit, with the sweet tart notes of rhubarb

COUDRE BERLIN is a young menswear and design brand from Berlin that was founded in 2016 by Dimitri Moustakidis and Daniel Diederich. It stands for modern, minimalist clothing, combining everyday functionality with a strong fashion sensibility. By rethinking classics and adding subtle details, COUDRE BERLIN creates simple and unique pieces that are clean and edgy – inspired by the roughness of the city and road trips into nature.