Nothing goes to waste here: GAIA up-cycled grill and fireplace starters are made from production remnants in their workshop. The cotton strips soaked with their beeswax blend are excellent for igniting a fire - whether it's for a garden barbecue, a park gathering, or creating a cozy atmosphere by the fireplace on colder days.

  • Made from biodegradable beeswax fabric
  • Organic beeswax
  • Organic jojoba oil
  • Tree resin
  • 500g per bag
  • Up to 100 x ignitions

GAIA is a young Hamburg-based start-up on a mission to reduce plastic consumption in households. With their own production of organic beeswax packaging, they want to help you save plastic. Sustainability should not only be a trendy word, but should be easy to live. It is very important for GAIA to have a relaxed atmosphere and full control over the quality of their ingredients. These are all reasons why they have decided to fight the trend of outsourcing production.