Wild herbs for travelling or as a gift. Strength, calm and balance in a practical and beautiful gift set. Three 15ml bottles to take away or to give others a wild treat. Oxymel is a traditional recipe made from blossom honey, natural apple cider vinegar and a selection of valuable wild herbs. 

  • Very simple: Mix a tablespoon with water, stir and you're done!
  • Tasting size 3 x 15ml: One bottle corresponds to 1-2 portions
  • 100% local organic ingredients
  • Kraft/Strength: blossom honey, natural apple cider vinegar, goutweed, dandelion, nettle, red clover
  • Ruhe/Calm: blossom honey, natural apple cider vinegar, lemon balm, lemon balm, oat herb, valerian root, spruce shoots
  • Balance: blossom honey, natural apple cider vinegar, camomile, peppermint, yarrow, meadow cumin

Your dose of wild herbs when it gets cold and uncomfortable outside. The Kraft/Strength oxymel is your ideal companion in the morning, Balance is perfect after lunch and Ruhe/Calm completes your evening ritual. The practical trio of plant power for a balanced day!

Kruut represents a step back to nutrient-rich nature and the knowledge of how to utilize it. Made with values that are often lacking today: time and dedication. With kruut, they want to bring powerful wild herbs back into our modern everyday life. Their recipes are based on millennia-old plant knowledge. For nature-inspired rituals and wild enjoyment.