Quote Marie from Sollys: “Inspired by that picture from Solange Knowles' wedding. If you know you know.” The candle features a moon and sun, symbolizing intuition and vitality. The moon represents calm and reflection, while the sun embodies strength and new beginnings. Made from 100% pure beeswax, this eco-friendly candle is the perfect gift, bringing balance and harmony to any space.

  • Yellow beeswax: 100% pure Danish beeswax from Grøn Pulje
  • White beeswax: 100% pure beeswax from Germany
  • No pesticides nor antibiotics
  • Emits a warm honey scent
  • Handmade in Denmark
  • Plant coloured in Denmark
  • Free from harmful toxins making them a healthier and ECO-friendly alternative to traditional paraffin candles
  • Size: Ø 60mm

Beeswax expands when it gets hot and melts, and contracts again when it cools and hardens. Therefore, you never know exactly how the beeswax will settle when moulding beeswax candles. Some transitions are clearly defined, other times the pattern is more blurred. There may be air bubbles, small cracks or sediments from the wax or the plants you are colouring with. That's how you know that all the candles are handmade in a lovely, vibrant material. Small flaws in some people's eyes - a seal of quality in others.

Never leave a burning candle unattended, and place the candle on a flat and fireproof surface away from objects that could catch fire. Always place the burning candle out of reach of children and pets.

Marie is the woman and creator behind every handmade Sollys candle. Inspired by a slow, hands-on, and playful approach, she crafts each beeswax candle with care and love. Marie’s plant-dyed beeswax candles are about appreciating the warmth and kindness that nature so effortlessly provides. She believes that minimal processing and additives are rarely needed to create something beautiful and meaningful.