Whether as a travel companion, as a gift, or as your entry into the world of functional natural cosmetics. Maybe you are looking for face cream? Sleep cream? How about a cream to help with period cramps? Or would you prefer a soothing muscle cream? No, all of them! With The Starter Set, you have the option to get each of these powerfully formulated creams in one go.

  • Clean, Vegan and 100% Natural
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • Medically thought
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Sustainable Developed
  • Produced in Berlin, Germany

The set contains the following four creams in a practical companion size for your everyday life:

The Hug (Period cream)
Rich in St. John's wort, chaste tree and CBD, the period cream strengthens your well-being pefore and during your period. Easy to apply, it helps you relax with warming capsaicin.

The Good Night (Relaxing sleep cream)
The gentle revitalizing sleep cream with botanical melatonin, soothing Palo Santo and CBD as support is your ideal companion for a relaxed evening routine.

The Glow (Revitalizing face cream)
Thanks to the scientifically studied combination of plant-based anti-inflammatory and moisturizing active ingredients, this lightweight formula provides your skin with what it needs for a balanced appearance and natural radiance.

The Blissful Day (Muscle cream)
Thanks to its traditional medicinal plants such as arnica, white willow and turmeric, this muscle cream combines numerous active ingredients that can help to relieve neck and muscle tension.

This Place was developed by scientist Laura Simonow. She is CEO and Founder of the young brand, which was launched in October 2020. With This Place, Laura has created a brand that is intended to support holistic and sustainable health improvement and each product is meticulously designed for a specific purpose. It was particularly important to her to use purely natural ingredients, to exploit the full power of nature and to create synergies between the individual ingredients.