Keeping food fresh – the practical, natural, and reusable packaging for your food! It replaces aluminum and plastic wraps, plastic and paper packaging, as well as bulky lunchboxes – in the refrigerator or freezer, at home or on the go. 

  • Handmade in Dresden
  • Made from organic cotton (woven in Germany)
  • Regional organic beeswax
  • Pine resin from a traditional pitcher
  • Fairly traded organic coconut oil
  • Water-resistant, flexible, and adheres to surfaces
  • Size X-Large: 56 x 48 cm

Cover containers and dishes with the beeswax wrap, use it for cut fruits and vegetables, encase salads and herbs, package cheese, bread, and snacks! However, it is not suitable for fish or raw meat. 

The XL Beeswax Wrap is ideal for keeping bread fresh for an extended period. It's perfect for large loaves, ranging from 750g to 1.5kg, and baguettes (diagonally). Additionally, it works great for covering cake platters, baking sheets, large bowls, or casserole dishes, and for wrapping giant salad heads. You can also easily cut our XL Beeswax Wrap for bread into several smaller pieces.

Marie and Markus, are the founding couple behind TOFF & ZÜRPEL® workshop. From the simple comes the best. Following this motto, they design simple, beautiful, and practical natural products for an environmentally conscious daily life – both at home and on the go. Their products are made from natural raw materials and crafted by hand with love. Sustainability is a top priority in their workshop's entire production process. Their high standards for product quality and design define them, as does their attention to detail in every product – focused on the essentials, with the imperfect beauty of nature.