Our lovely VOYAGE BUBBLE TWIST Earrings will flow delicately into your ear thanks to their flexible material. Simply twist the earrings to open, put them in your ear like a normal earring and twist them back to close. The design is also available as SUNSET BUBBLE TWIST Earrings and DAWN BUBBLE TWIST Earrings.

Available in Gold (24K gold-plated 925 sterling silver) and Silver (925 sterling silver). 

Size: Ø 10,50mm

Freshwater Pearl: Ø 4,5mm-5,5mm

Designed in Berlin · Handmade in Italy

VOYAGE BUBBLE TWIST Earrings are part of our FLOW Collection that is all about how we want to feel: we're dreaming of lying on the green grass watching fluffy clouds go by. Smelling that sweet spring air, hearing birds singing their tunes, dozing off and taking everything as it comes - slowly, step by step.