Our Story

Timeless jewelry made with dedication and love

JUKSEREI was founded in Berlin in 2012 on the principle of creating and consuming fashion more consciously. We offer timeless designed jewelry crafted by hand in Italy out of high grade materials at a fair price, made to last for more than just a season. We want our pieces to be preserved and reimagined, not discarded. Today, we are active in 13 countries via our online shop and retailers.

We create seasonless jewelry that is tied to your life, rather than trends. We focus on quality materials and great craftsmanship and believe in accessible luxury priced fairly.

Made in Europe

Fast fashion comes at a cheap price for consumers but with a huge invisible price tag for workers and our planet. We do things differently and produce in carefully selected factories in Europe.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade in our production workshops in Italy and Denmark. We maintain close relationships with our manufacturers and visit them regularly to make sure, that we incorporate the same values and to keep the production process as sustainable and transparent as possible. Our online and retail orders are all packed in-house, which was a conscious decision from the very beginning. This way we are able to have personal contact with all of our customers.

One of the great things about silver jewelry is that with proper care, it can last indefinitely. Gold plated items can also be re-plated if they become dull. This helps us to create a cycle of re-use and create pieces that can last a lifetime. If your loved jewelry is beyond saving, our materials can be melted down and used to create new ones. Learn more about our production, here.

Did you know…

'Juks' means stuff in Danish? That is what our founder and designer, Chanette's dad called one of her creations in the very beginning. While living in Berlin, she combined the Danish "Juks" with the German ending "erei" to create the name of the label, reflecting its both roots.